Susan Mayer
Green Apple art
Artist's Statement

"I like to think outside the box.  I
LOVE to dismantle the discarded
wooden box and give it a second
life as I create.  My pieces are
usually nature inspired and
almost always whimsical.  

I take great joy in seeing the
smiles on peoples faces when
they look at my work.  I can often
sense the wheels turning in their

I believe that in art, as in life, it's
all a matter of how you look at it.  
For me it's not rust, it's patina."
I was born in California, moved to
Pensacola Beach and eventually Gulf
Breeze. I have lived in the same
house in Gulf Breeze for 25 years and
made a career in medical
transcription for longer than that.  I live
with my husband, David, and four cats
(which is a far cry from the five
teenagers and ten dogs I had when
David and I met in 1999).

I have no formal art training, but have
always been able to see potential in
what others quickly discard. What
started early on as a way of being
creative on a tight budget - eventually
became a way of life.  I suppose I was
reusing, repurposing and recycling
before it was cool.

I started creating my art assemblages
3-4 years ago - wanting and needing
to work on smaller scale pieces. In
2011, I promised myself I would take
that creativity off the back burner.  I
am so fortunate to have the wonderful
support of my family and friends -
most of whom delight in bringing me
all things broken and rusted for me to